Aldo v Edgar II the biggest draw for fans at UFC 200


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Conor McGregor won’t be fighting at UFC 200 it has been confirmed again and again by President Dana White so at this stage it may be time to accept the “Notorious One” will be only a mere spectator on July 9th.

Even in his absence, he will have a big impact on the viewership figures and the reasoning for people choosing to buy the pay per view event as Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar fight for the interim 145 belt and a shot at the Irish man.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is the new main event. It makes sense, Jon Jones is probably the third biggest name in the UFC behind Ronda Rousey and McGregor, albeit Nate Diaz could argue with that thanks to the fame he has seen since submitting Mystic Mac.

Being the UFC’s third biggest star and arguably the greatest ever, if some are to be believed, his figures of just 300,000 PPV buys in his return at 197 earlier this month are some what surprising and underwhelming.

Especially when you look at the PPV figures McGregor has been pulling in against Diaz, 1.5million, and Aldo, 1million.

Do people really want to see DC and Jones take to the Octagon for a second time. Jones manhandled his smaller opponent when the two first met for five rounds winning on the judges scorecards by a sizeable distance.

While Diaz and McGregor was a tale of two rounds, the featherweight champion dominating the first and the Stockton native turning the tide in the second garnering an appetite for what would happen if the two went head to head again.

DC v Jones did not hold that intrigue or hunger for a rematch. Jones was the superior fighter from start to finish, in the aftermath Cormier even admitted he didn’t think he could beat the champion.

“Even if I don’t help Ovince Saint Preux and I can’t help him beat Jon because I don’t know how to beat Jon Jones, I didn’t do it. I can only prepare myself as best I can to try and prepare to beat him,” DC told Bloody Elbow before UFC197.

“He’s the greatest fighter to ever put on a pair of gloves,” the current heavyweight champion added.

Sure DC made a quick change in his opinion after seeing an underwhelming performance from Bones in beating OSP but will he ever truly believe he can beat his opponent in a sport that one’s mentality is so important. Plus do we really want to see a fighter who himself believes he is out of his depth.

Even in getting belief from the OSP fight, there is not much to fault Jones. It was his first fight back, no doubt rusty and he still managed to win comfortably being hit in his words “twice” and breaking OSP’s arm in the process to his enjoyment when he found out.


The two just don’t interest the masses even if the two don’t like each other and are very vocal in that they cannot promote a fight like Diaz and McGregor can.

The co-main event instead is the most interesting fight on the card, that being said if Diaz is not to be on the card which at this moment in time is not confirmed.

Aldo v Edgar II will have repercussions for Conor McGregor and with the huge interest that he attracts casual fans are far more likely to tune in to see his future opponents than a heavyweight bout with little going for it.

Many will tune in to see what Jose Aldo really has to offer, his 13-second defeat to the “Notorious One” didn’t show his full range of skills and it will be intriguing to see how the former Featherweight Champion will bounce back to such a damaging defeat.

Frankie Edgar himself has been canvassing for a crack at McGregor for quite a while now and this is his chance to secure the fight and the chance for the sizeable McGregor following who are new to MMA and the UFC to see what he is all about.

Not all the hype surrounding this fight is McGregor related, unlike the main event this one is a rematch that actually interest most and one that people believe the loser last time, Edgar, deserves.

The first fight in 2013 at UFC 156 went five rounds with Aldo coming out on top via unanimous decision, 49-46, 49-46, 48-47, with some onlookers scoring it closer than the judges on the night.

The fight is a mouthwatering prospect, “The Answer” on a five fight winning streak, Aldo coming back from his first defeat in ten years and the winner getting a crack at McGregor.

Regardless of what tops the bill or not on the 9th of July, Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar is the real rematch the fans will be paying to see at UFC 200.


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